Your child’s sight is important!


As a father of 3 small kids, Stephen our optician realises the responsibility we as parents have to look after our children’s eyesight.

Did you know that kids sight develops from birth to seven years old?  If your child has an eye condition, the earlier it is found the easier it can be corrected.

Here at i care we are not afraid to test small children!  All kids of all ages are most welcome at anytime!

What you are entitled to


  • Free NHS sight test for all Under 16’s and Under 18’s in full time education
  • Free spectacles if required

How are we different?

  • Dedicated optician who knows your child’s eyesight inside out!
  • Large range of designer and non designer kids frames
  • Specialist testing for children with reading difficulties
  • Free retinal photography
  • Automatic testing for colour vision
  • Kids play area
TKAC6 - Blue Planes

What about babies?

Here at i care we stock Tomato glasses!

These are comfortable, colourful, practical frames which have been expertly designed with babies and children in mind.

We offer the full service of custom fitting the frames and for all small frame sizes the NHS fully covers their cost!